Waterside Apartments is located on Snake Bay. This name does not refer to snakes, but to the large number of morays and eels. Snake Bay is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Curacao, and this right outside your door!

With over 60 easily accessible shore diving sites, Curacao is a super attractive diving paradise.
Tanks are at your service every day and lead is present. Also see our Dive & Drive packages.

Under the outdoor shower you can rinse the sand and salt of and for your diving and snorkeling equipment you can use the rinse sink.
There is a gearbox to dry and to stock your material.

Upon request guided dives are organized, as well as complete diving courses. We do this in collaboration with several diving schools.
Boat diving can be organized on request.

From the beach right outside your door, you have immediate access to the amazing diving paradise. Beautiful coral formations, sponges and gorgonians, sea turtles, large moray eels, rays and large schools of barracuda can be admired daily. You might be lucky meeting the dolphins.

Twice a year, in September and October, during the first 10 days after full moon, the spectacle of the coral spawning takes place. The coral reproduces, solves its eggs, which resembles as an immense underwater snowstorm. Divers from all over the world come to this stunning phenomenon. We advise you to book in time in this period.

There is also a complete diving map available, with photos, description and details of more than 60 dive spots to complete your diving holiday.

Have some fantastic dive fun on Dushi Korsou at Waterside Apartments!