About us

We, the Valter-Wintershoven family from Antwerp lead the Waterside project since 2004 and we are at your disposal for all your questions and concerns. In this way your vacation will be a carefree holiday, where you can enjoy a wonderful stay to the full near the Caribbean Sea.

We speak Dutch, French, English and German and a little Spanish and Papiamentu.

You will be picked up by us at Hato airport, our free service and be able to immediately experience the first impressions that the tropical CuraƧao offers.

On arrival you will receive an information guide, an island map and necessary additional tips, depending on your interests.

With this, we at Waterside Apartments want to provide you with a wonderful vacation that you will not forget.

Dive & Drive Specials

1 Week unlimited tanks and lead for shore diving, studio- and car rental for 1275 euro.